Change notes - Flexible Support

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Flexible Support

Current version


  • Bugfix: Corrected an issue causing beam generation from parameters to fail.


  • Bugfix: Corrected an issue preventing old projects from beeing loaded.


  • Bugfix: Logged in users without first/lastname can now see the logout button.


  • Corrected an issue causing numbers to become truncated without decimals in ie browsers.
  • Improved error reporting when the calculation fails.


  • Measurement lines no longer scale with the drawing.
  • Reworked strand pattern editor
  • Added reset view button to 3D view.
  • Added new strands description to the print page.


  • Demo version.
  • DWG import.
  • Section scaling when importing from DWG/DXF.
  • Measurement lines added to section drawing.
  • Cards can be toggled.


  • Corrected an issue which caused steel materials to sometimes be interpreted as concrete materials.


  • Corrected an issue which prevented ie11 users to load sections from DXF.
  • The load section from file dialog now requires a section to be choosen before a user can continue.


  • Fixed an issue regarding HSQ beams affecting utilization ratio in SLS.


  • Adjusted result table when printing project. It should no longer leak into the page header.


  • Fixed rendering bug where hollowcores sometimes refused to render when upper position was choosen.


  • Readded direct edit beam link.
  • Added clone text on edit beam.
  • Max/min support width values are now enforced.
  • Reactivated beam editor view.
  • Added measurements to poly converter on beam editor view.
  • Added last update message to beam and hc editors.
  • Beams can now only be manipulated by changing the measurements, direct polyline manipulation has been disabled.
  • Updated support width calculations (frontend only). RB_F and IB_F always have 0 bottom support width.
  • Changed tab-button size on hc-editor create.
  • Styling updated for create dialogs.
  • Stroke width now adjusts to section width/height in beam rendering.
  • Added "metal coloring" to metal beam profile types.


  • About modal added.
  • Added logo to print and startpage.
  • Added default line-height for paragraphs (should be a bit more readable).
  • Project list dates are now formatted and sorted with the most recent edited on top.
  • Added 404 page (was blank previously).
  • Strandpattern group editor disabled state now also disables the inputs in the editor.
  • Modal transition added.


  • Disabling symmetry checkboxes when standard beam.
  • Added delete operation for projects, hc and beams.
  • Elements used in projects can no longer be deleted.
  • Added step="any" to labeled input to avoid validation errors in firefox.
  • Added tooltips to beam editor, hc editor and startpage project picker.
  • Geometry editor now sorts holes from left to right by each holes COG.
  • Now showing a loader when calculation is running and disabling project control buttons.
  • Updated save button disabled text on hc and beam editor, create/clone beam now has a profile type picker and it is set to the choosen elements profile as default.
  • Disabled beam editor
  • Strand pattern groups can now be deleted.
  • Added initial values to strand pattern groups editor.
  • Page outside main viewport should now have the default background color.
  • 3drendering should now only update when relevant values are updated.
  • IE11 fixes.


  • Create dialog no longer hangs when load dxf fails.
  • When beams are created from dxf their measurements are read from the parametric form of the beam.
  • Updated beam editor page styling.
  • Added dimensions to strand groups editor.
  • Updated menu styling.
  • Load dxf can now handle multiple groups and layered entities


  • Changed span to element length for hollowcore_length_type (fixes a calculation error)
  • Checkboxes should now always respond to clicks
  • The user is now redirected to the login screen if the session has ended.
  • Corrected a bug where editable geometries sometimes wouldn't become editable.
  • Multiple strandpatterns with the same group can now be edited.
  • Beam support width min/max is now enforced.
  • Automatically switching to upper support when a beam with lower support width 0 is choosen.
  • Topping rendering now respects the hc left/right spanwidth choice.
  • Corrected rebar in joint above cog ui (labels where missing).
  • Beam param editor should now work as the old version did.
  • Updated print styling.
  • The project picker is now hidden on all pages except the startpage.
  • Default cursor for disabled buttons.
  • Create beam/hc dialogs new have more consistant styling and button placement.
  • Added basic styling for strand group forms.
  • Disabled keyboard navigation of the 3d model.
  • Loading indication has been added to all asynchronous requests.
  • Now displaying other projects affected by element changes on beam- and hc-editor pages
  • Geometry editor now shows errors for invalid values and rows can be added and removed by using the rightclick menu over the table
  • Added topping default density message.


  • Initial alpha release.
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