Flexible Support

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Flexible Support calculates the stresses and utilization of the hollowcore cross section due to the deflection-change of the supporting beam. The calculations are according to FIB Bulletin 6.

Graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Main menu bar
  • Header frame
  • Hollowcore frame
  • Beam frame
  • Connection Beam / Hollowcore
  • Calculation settings
  • Results
  • Model view


Supported hollowcore sections:

  • Hollowcore standard sections
  • Hollowcore (dwg/dxf-import)
  • Hollowcore Section Editor

Supported beam sections:

  • Rectangular beam, concrete (RB)
  • Flange beam, concrete (FB)
  • I-Beam, concrete (IB)
  • Welded HSQ-beam, steel (HSQ)
  • HEA-beam, steel (HEA)
  • HEB-beam, steel (HEB)
  • IPE-beam, steel (IPE)

Codes and standards

This page contains all information about the codes and standards used in Flexible Support: Codes and standards


Ultimate limit state, ULS

  • Stresses
  • Utilization

Serviceability limit state, SLS

  • Curvature



The Theory section gathers such information as does not directly pertain to the practical use of Flexible Support. More specifically, it offers insight into the theory underpinning the calculations.

Theory index


In the Examples section there will be a few examples using Flexible Support to show different applications of the program.


The application uses a web-license that is connected to a Strusoft Portal User-account. Each company can have multiple licenses, and link the users to their license pool.


It works on any modern web browser

And it works on any mobile device.


Known issues

Here is a list of current known issues