Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2023/01/04 07:58

This page covers all information needed to install PRE-Stress.

The only program in this program-group that requires a local installation is PRE-Stress. All other applications uses the allways up-to-date web-platform.


Installation of PRE-Stress is easiest done by downloading and using StruSoft Installer. The installer is running minimized in the system tray and monitors what version is currently installed. There is a link to install a version that is not installed or an older version that needs updating.


In the Licensing & Settings-tab > Change settings... there is an option to only download the installation-files instead. This changes the Install/Update/up-to-date-link to a Download-link. This might be used for IT-departments and the possibility to install the program on a computer that is currently offline.


Installation using msi-package, silent installations etc.

We do not provide a msi-package for PRE-Stress. However, the exe-file supports silent install which is how the StruSoft Installer installs the programs.

On the command line, these flags are available:

Use "/S" to indicate silent install.

Use "/SetShellVarContext" to define installation scope, 'current' for just the current user or 'all' to install for all users.

Use "/D" to specify installation directory

Use "/Uninstall=Y" to uninstall

> PRE-Stress_6.7.000.exe /S /SetShellVarContext=all /D=C:\Program Files\STRUSOFT\PRE-Stress 6.7

> PRE-Stress_6.7.000.exe /S /Uninstall=Y

Other web-based PRE-Stress applications

Most of the other applications can be reached through the StruSoft Portal. A few applications are free-to-use, while others might require an account and a Cloud-license (W-license) connected to that account.