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1 (% id="cke_bm_247S" style="display:none" %) (%%)When in the Analysis context, left-clicking Calculate brings up the calculation dialog.
3 You may opt to calculate all elements by checking the All Prestressed Elements box. If it is unchecked, a project tree will fold out on the right-hand side of the dialog, allowing you to choose the element(s) to which you want to apply the calculation.
5 After configuring the dialog settings, simply press Calculate and the analysis will commence. The progress will be shown graphically. When the analysis is complete, the program will enter Results mode.
7 [[image:1610521366271-914.png]]
9 We discuss the results of an analysis in [[its own chapter>>doc:PRE-Stress.PRE-Stress User Manual.Viewing the analysis results.WebHome]].
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