Beam type

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2020/01/28 13:45

The beam type selector determines whether we're using regular type beams (constant) or variable sections. By default, the beam type is set to constant selection. This beam type allows the designer to input values such as length, section type, and topping type directly via the project tree handler. For every other beam type, values are instead set by clicking the configure button.

PRE Beam type 001.png

The specific variable beam types accessed through this button are RBX, STT, and SIB. These dialogs share a number of features: they permit the user to set measurements both for the cross-section and the beam. Additionally, there are three buttons at the lower left side of the dialog. These buttons allows you to use preset "default" settings for the beam type, as well as define or load a custom setting as a file. The file format is different for each beam type (.RBX_template, .STT_template and .SIB_template, respectively).