When selecting cross sections there are two databases.

  • Standard Eurocode concrete
  • Non-standard concrete (user-defined cross sections)

Each database has a set of sub-sections:

  • Rectangular solid
  • Variable rectangular section
  • T-section
  • Variable T-section
  • Solid circular
  • Singlesym. I-section
  • F-Section
  • Fh-section
  • KB-section
  • KBE-section
  • D-section
  • HD-section

Under each sub-section a list of cross sections will appear. For the Non-standard database, the user can add their own cross sections, and they will be shown in the Section name-field along with a few section properties and a preview of the section.


Manage cross sections

There is a special feature for the user-defined cross sections. By right-clicking on the name and selecting "Manage cross sections..." / "Hantera tvärsnitt..." it is possible to add a note, warning or disable a cross section. This can be good if an old cross section has been used in older files, but it should be kept in the list, even if a newer version is available.


There are three advanced settings:

  • Show information (information icon + message)
  • Show warning (warning icon + message)
  • Block the usage of this section


The message is shown above the preview.



For blocked sections the [OK]-button is disabled, making it impossible to add the cross section to the project.


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