Fire design results

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2022/01/04 16:16

Design results for fire can be found under the Results menu header.

Fire - Reduced concrete parameters

Fire settings 002.png

The values in this table are given per section of the beam. The following values are common to all section types.

θd = Temperature
fcd = Concrete strength (reduced)
Ecd = E-modulus (reduced)

These values apply only to hollowcore elements.

kc= reduction factor for concrete
az = Depth of damaged zone
H = Section height of hollowcore

Other section types are given values according to their own section parameters.

Fire - Reinforcement

The effects of fire on reinforcement can be seen in its own table. This is shown by section.

Fire settings 003.png

X = X-coordinate in the section
fspd= strength of prestressing steel (design)
f2d =  2.0% proof-stress (design), tension

Y = Y-coordinate in the section
Espd= E-modulus of prestressing steel (design)
f2cd = 2.0% proof-stress (design), compression

Temp = Temperature
f0,2d = 0.2% proof-stress (design), tension
Ecd,conc = E-modulus design for concrete

fyd= Design yield strength
f0,2cd = 0.2% proof-stress (design), compression
Ecd,conc,short = E-modulus design for concrete, short-term

Section - Temperature gradient

A separate table shows a graphical representation of temperature throughout a section. This gradient is accompanied by a graphical indicator for the damaged zone.

Fire settings 004.png