Sample section guide - SIB

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2020/01/28 17:00

Starting from PRE-Stress version 6.5, sloped I-beams (SIB) are selected in the beam type dropdown of the project tree handler. SIB elements do not accept topping.

PRE sib 001.png

Users already familiar with earlier versions of PRE-Stress will recognize this setup. Voids are defined by the topmost fields, and the inclination (rise per unit) is given for each side in the boxes below. The new version allows top and bottom flange width to be defined. Checking the box "symmetrical voids" will mirror the voids, causing the right-hand side to be locked and mirroring the left-hand void measurements over the right-hand side. Finally, the dialog lets you define the basic dimensions of the beam. Clicking the buttons marked "1-1" and "2-2" opens a section dialog, allowing you to define the dimensions of the two sections used in the beam.

Upon opening a file using the old SIB definition from previous versions of PRE-Stress, said file is automatically updated to the new SIB beam type.