Setting reinforcement

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Setting reinforcement

Now that the element exists, we can define its reinforcement values. Click on the element node of the project in the project tree dialog. Now select the Reinforcement Details tab. Set appropriate main bar diameters for bottom and top. You may enter values for cover and distance between bars, vibration space, largest aggregate size and cover deviation. The blue values are given by the selected construction code (and values for cover and distance will change as your selection does). By clicking the Code Values button, you apply default values for the currently active code. Again, these values are automatically stored as soon as they're entered.

setting reinforcement 001.png

Select the Main Reinforcement tab. The main part of the window now displays schematics of the beam length and cross-section. Beneath those will be a table of coordinates. To the right of that table is a set of buttons. Among them are four buttons involving reinforcement. Select a reinforcement in greater detail by clicking Layer of Reinforcement, or add it manually. Enter the desired settings, then click OK. We have now added reinforcement to the concrete element. If a reinforcement bar/prestressing strand is placed partly or fully outside the cross-section, the table row will will turn red to show an invalid placement. Double clicking on the section picture will show a window in more detail allowing for both zoom and pan, same window is shown when pressing the View reinforcement button. the Adjust reinforcement button will set bar lengths equal for element length. The Reinforcement pattern button open the Reinforcement pattern manager where a setup of reinforcement can be selected by point-n-click, provided a predefined pattern has been loaded. The selected reinforcement can then be added to or replace the current reinforcement setup. The Save takes the current reinforcement setup and saves it to a file (.pattern) and similarly the Load button loads a reinforcement pattern from a .pattern-file.

setting reinforcement 002.png

Now select the Stirrup Reinforcement tab. While there is no button for default values, simply adding a stirrup-related parameter will automatically enter appropriate reinforcement values. These values are automatically stored when entered.

setting reinforcement 003.png

The entire beam must be given stirrups as seen above, either manually or by invoking the automatic design of stirrups function (for details, see Reinforcement settings, in-depth). Should stirrups not be applied throughout the entirety of the beam, shear capacity will equal zero (VRd = 0 kN) for calculations considering shear reinforcement. 

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