My tickets

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2020/05/25 18:04

You have the option to track all of the tickets that you have submitted as long it is linked to your email.

Just press the button 'My tickets' and then you will get an overview.


Figure 1: My tickets banner

You have the option to sort your tickets to the following categories:

  • All Tickets
  • Open or pending
  • Resolved or closed

Furthermore, you have the option to sort each category by:

  • Date created
  • Last modified
  • status

And if you want the list to be:

  • Ascending 
  • Descending

The ticket

In 'My tickets' you can open each of the tickets that you have made. From there you can see the history of each case with timestamps. Also, you can reply to the ticket and attach a file to your response. 


Figure 2: A ticket from 'My tickets'

Under the ticket, you can also see who is assigned to your case and the status


Figure 3: Status of the ticket.

Export tickets

You also have the option to export your tickets to CSV or Excel


Figure 4: Export of tickets