PRE-Stress is the main calculation program in the PRE-Stress Suite. It is possible to import geometry from, and export the results to IMPACT.

User Manual

Here is a link to the User Manual within this wiki.


Supported cross-sections:

  • Rectangular
  • Variable rectangular
  • T-section
  • Variable T
  • Circular
  • Singlesymmetric I-section
  • F-section (Flange)
  • Fh-section (Half flange)
  • KB-section
  • KBE-section
  • D-section (deck)
  • Hollowcore (parametric and dwg/dxf-import)

Special elements:

Codes and standards

Overview of available codes and national annexes:

Eurocode, British annex
Eurocode, Danish annex
Eurocode, Finnish annex
Eurocode, Norwegian annex
Eurocode, Swedish annex

A complete list of codes, standards and technical documents used in PRE-Stress can be found here: Codes and standards



  • Shear force
  • Moment
  • Torsion
  • Deflection
  • Eigenfrequency


  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Topping joint (if topping is present)
  • Torsion
  • Punching
  • Flange reinforcement
  • Deflection check
  • Fire calculations
    • Regular beam elements
    • Hollow core elements

Exporting the results


The Theory section gathers such information as does not directly pertain to the practical use of PRE-Stress. More specifically, it offers insight into the theory underpinning the calculations.

Theory index

Troubleshooting guides

The guides in the troubleshooting index is based on experiences gathered from the support. To let the users learn from other users questions.

Troubleshooting index


In the Examples section there will be a few examples using PRE-Stress to show different applications of the program.

Examples index

Verification examples

In the Verification examples section there will be a few verification examples taken from other publications to compare results using PRE-Stress and hand calculations.

Verification examples index


Here are information on how to give feedback and submit bug-reports or just how to learn more about different issues in the software


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