Regular reinforcement (PRE-Stress)

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Regular reinforcement is defined using a specific setup of parameters. It is also important to select the bar type to get the correct geometrical properties.


fyk: Characteristic yield stress [MPa]

fuk: Ultimate tensile strength [MPa]

Esk: Ultimate tensile strength [MPa]

εud: Elongation of reinforcement at maximum load [-]

εlimit: Limit elongation [-]

γs: Partial factor for steel materials [-]


Bar type


For regular reinforcement of Plain, Ribbed and Profiled types, it is possible to set a reinforcement diameter of 1-99mm in 1mm increments

Bar typePictureDescriptionAlso known as
PlainPlain Round Bars – Reinforcing Bar - InfraBuild - Formerly LIBERTY OneSteelPlain reinforcement rod92997_-_flag_sweden.png Ss (Slät stång, t.ex. Ss 26)
RibbedReinforcing Steel Bar for Concrete ReinforcementMost common for Nordic reinforcement92997_-_flag_sweden.png K or Ks (Kamstång, t.ex K500C-T, Ks 40)
ProfiledRostfri armering från BE Group | BE Group 

92997_-_flag_sweden.png Ps (Profilerad stång, t.ex Ps 50)

WirePC-strand – Prestressed steel for reinforcement of concrete | The EPD  Registry™ | The World EPD Library and Digital Databases for Construction  ProductsUsed for prestressing steel 
Single Wire Used for prestressing steel 

92997_-_flag_sweden.png NPs (Nät av profilerade stänger, t.ex NPs 50)