Defining geometry

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2022/01/17 08:37

Before we make our calculation, we'll adjust the calculation settings.

In the project tree handler, click the element, then click the calculation settings tab. In that tab, adjust the settings to reflect what you want for the calculation. The exact settings available depend on the code in current use. For most users, the default settings be sufficient.


The new calculation settings take effect immediately on changing a setting. For a more in-depth discussion about the settings window, see Chapter 2.10. (“Calculation settings, in-depth”).

By clicking on the individual loadcases in the project tree, you can adjust the settings for the concrete material, as well as creating new concrete materials and displaying concrete the properties of the current concrete material. When assigning a concrete material to a load combination, its strength class must be at least the equal of that of the previous load combination.

Additionally, highlighting an individual load combination in the project tree enables the tools in the sidebar. These tools allow you to delete joints and members, move nodes, and define new joints and supports (the same functionality is available through the menu, by selecting Input → Geometry).