Sample section guide - STT

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2020/01/28 17:00

Starting from PRE-Stress version 6.5, sloped T-beams (STT) are selected in the beam type dropdown of the project tree handler.

PRE STT 001.png

This setup allows the user to easily model T-beams and to define their measurements, including length, inclination (rise per unit) for each side, height, and mid-point of beam. Checking the box "symmetrical" will mirror the beam, causing the right-hand side to be locked and mirroring the left-hand measurements over the right-hand side. Clicking the button marked "1-1" opens a section dialog, allowing you to define the dimensions of the section used in the beam. 

Note that sloped T-beams are calculated using half of the actual imagined STT section along the beam length. Thus, one should only add half the load when performing the analysis.

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