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When you're done calculating a PRE-Stress project, the data can be published as a report. This is done through the Preview & Print functionality in the File menu. The printout can then be sent to any print-capable device recognized by your operating system.

As the calculation and dimensioning process generates a large volume of information, PRE-Stress allows you to filter the printout to contain the information most relevant to a given project.

Printout options

Settings for beams


The settings can be set for each individual element.

The settings that can be selected are:

  • General information
  • Reinforcement
  • Cross-section data
  • Supports
  • Loads
  • Calculation settings
  • Fire
  • Loadcases per load combination
    • Explanation
  • Max bending table
    • Explanation
  • Max shear table
    • Explanation
  • Recess beam

Settings for load combinations


Each load combination also has individual settings. these might be dependant on what type of element that is being calculated, if topping is present, if it is subjected to torsion or if a punching check can be performed (hollowcore elements with point loads)

The settings here are:

  • General material settings
  • Long term parameters
  • Moment/shear tables
    • Explanation
  • Moment/shear tables (topping)
    • Explanation
  • Topping joint table
    • Explanation
  • Reduced concrete parameters (fire)
    • Explanation
  • Torsion table
    • Explanation
  • Punching

It is also possible to add diagrams

  • Moment
  • Shear
  • Deformation
  • Torsion

Print general overview

The Print general overview is the most simple way to get an overview of the most basic of the results.

  • Overview of the element
    • Mark
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height
    • Span
    • Strand pattern
  • Section
  • Cables (diameter)
  • VRd - Shear capacity of the cross section
  • Vd - Shear force due to loads
  • Vd / VRd - Utilization of Shear force [unitless]
  • MRd - Moment capacity
  • Md - Moment due to load
  • Md / MRd - Utilization of Moment [unitless]
  • Comp.Zone - Height of the compression zone
  • Cable stress - Prestressing in the cables
  • Warnings and information - Additional information from the calculation
    • A warning if the topping fails for a hollowcore element will appear for the current hollowcore



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